Your Local Hwy 55 May Be Closed Tomorrow—Here's Why

Tomorrow, we're doing something pretty unique. We've rented out the Durham Performing Arts Center, and we're throwing an appreciation rally for all our employees. Franchisees are encouraged to send staff members or even close down their stores, and Hwy 55 fans are encouraged (especially if you're in Eastern North Carolina) to call ahead to ensure your local Hwy 55 is open on August 4th

Here's why we're closing our doors tomorrow: Cooks, servers, operators and owners will drive in from as far as four hours away. They'll dress to the nines. And after competing in contests to see who can wrap a burger the fastest or fold a kid’s car the quickest, they'll settle into the immense 2,700-seat theater for music, a special message from founder Kenney Moore, and award presentations—we'll be giving trophies to Store of the Year, Operator of the Year, and the highly coveted Cook and Waitstaff of the Year.

We're doing all this because we consider ourselves a different kind of company. For 24 years, we’ve made our mark by focusing on serving others. It creates a sense of hospitality you find in local Hwy 55. It’s why we hold the door open for you. It’s, frankly, why our food is so good. We consider it an honor to serve you.

And we believe that tomorrow's rally will help Hwy 55 be even better to our customers out there. So thanks for allowing us a day to close. We think it'll be worth it.

If you want to keep up with the action tomorrow at DPAC, search #55Rally on Twitter and Instagram.