Why We’re Always Hiring

We get a lot of questions from Hwy 55 fans on whether we’re hiring at a particular location. The answer? We’re always hiring good people. Here’s why.

In the ’90s—when we were still called Andy’s and we rocked some sweetjean shorts in our official uniform—we made a decision to change our “Now Hiring” signs to “Always Hiring.”

Because why turn away great people? If someone loves Hwy 55 and is passionate about great-tasting food, serving people, and supporting his or her community, then there’s a place for that superstar at Hwy 55. Even if he or she comes to us with little or none restaurant experience.

It’s that mentality that’s led to our restaurants being run—and owned—by guys and gals who started with us as fry cooks and waitresses. And it’s those same people who continue the process by taking shots on quality members of their local communities.  If you’re willing to work, and you’re willing to dream, then yeah. We’re always hiring.