Why I’m not going to let anyone food shame me in 2019

Let me start by outlining how eating “bad” food used to go for me. I, like most people, try to eat healthy. I limit my snack intake, (except when oreos are 2-for-1, that’s just a trap) eat as many vegetables as I can and try to cook at home as often as I can. When I would inevitably go out to eat at some point during the week I would look forward to it. The greasy, juicy deliciousness of fast food is something I simply cannot resist. But I noticed something recently. Throughout this lick-your-fingers-while-eating-so-you-don’t-waste-any-flavor-good meal, I would feel guilty. I have therefore decided to make a sweeping declaration in 2019.

I will not let anyone make me feel bad about myself for indulging on delicious food.

I will be the first to admit I am not a workout junkie. I enjoy going on a run to clear my head every now and then, but it’s safe to say the employees at my gym do not know my first name. I do, however, have many friends and family members that are, which is perfectly fine. What bothers me though, are the seemingly endless reminders from bloggers, random strangers, or even loved ones that the life you are living is unhealthy, and inherently “less than.”

It is an unfortunate fact of life that body-shaming is alive and well in 2019, and that is a problem. You would think that if you're not working out every single day and counting every calorie you will drop dead before you turn 50. Let me say, I see the side-eyed looks and judging stares when I order a juicy burger after you just ordered a salad. Until recently, these looks would make me question my own choices and dignity.

No more. The small joys in life are precious. If having grease run down my chin as I unabashedly destroy a double cheeseburger makes me happy for the approximately 3.5 minutes before it’s gone, then I refuse to feel the slightest pang of guilt anymore.

If eating healthy every single meal makes you happy, great. If taking one day of the week to gorge on junk food floats your boat, awesome. If you’re at your crossfit workout before I’ve even thought about getting up in the morning, groovy. But, for the love of everything greasy and delicious, let’s let everyone live their life without fear of judgement. Ok? Ok.

Here’s to 2019, the year where I do not give a second thought about ordering that extra basket of fries.