Watch 120-Pound Molly Schuyler Break the 55 Challenge World Record


On a rainy Saturday at the Mount Olive Pickle Festival this past Saturday, we watched a record fall that we thought would never be broken.

Molly Schuyler—the 120-pound mother from the heartland who made headlines last week for crushing three 72-ounce steak dinners in a record 20 minutes—won our annual 55 Challenge in an insane two minutes and 12 seconds. She ate 55 ounces of beef, toppings, and fries in less time than it takes us to cook the burgers. To put it in perspective: she beat our previous record-holder, "Furious" Pete, by over a minute!

We have video of Molly taking down the burger.

For those with weak stomachs, avert your eyes. For everyone else: watch in awe!