The Ripple Effect

What have you done today to make your own ripple?

Like most of us, I take the simple action of going to a restaurant and reading the menu for granted. To be able to see pictures of the food and read detailed descriptions is a luxury we are not all afforded. This was the case for Lisa Blankenship, a multiple-visit-per-week guest who always had to have her husband read her the menu because she is blind.

We talk a lot about our Love Your Neighbor culture, but proof that this philosophy has firmly taken root was evident in Lisa’s store. The staff in Huntington, WV presented Lisa with a custom-made braille menu that she could read herself. This seemingly small gesture meant the world to Lisa.

“They’re just so wonderful here. They don’t make it feel like an inconvenience for them if you’re handicapped,” Lisa said of the Hwy 55 staff before adding, “I appreciate it so much.”

News outlets eventually picked up this story, and the joy that is so clearly evident on Lisa’s face in her interview is moving.

The story does not end here, however, as this single act of kindness spawned something bigger. With the help of the Cabell-Wayne Association of the Blind, every Hwy 55 will soon have a copy of the braille menu.

Think about that for a second. This was not some staged PR stunt. One single act of kindness has given the opportunity for other visually-impaired guests to enjoy the simple luxury of reading a menu. The ripple effect of one good deed is highlighted profoundly in this instance.

Everyone is going through something. Every person can benefit from kindness, no matter how big, small, flashy or subtle. Create your own ripple.