The Miracle League

In honor of today—the international Day of Persons with Disabilities—we thought we’d step back a minute from the busy holiday season to talk about one of the best things we do: support the Miracle League.

Almost a decade ago, our Andy’s Foundation began donating funds to the Miracle League, an organization that builds baseball fields for children with special needs. Hwy 55 founder Kenney Moore was inspired to act after watching a CBS Sunday Morning segment on the cause—and the company made an even larger commitment to help after attending a Miracle League opening day.

We quickly found the reason behind the Miracle League’s slogan: “If I were to tell you about an organized youth baseball league, you might call it ordinary. If I were to tell you the athletes are physically and mentally challenged, you might call it touching. If you were to see them play, you would call it a Miracle.”

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with the Miracle League in building fields in CaryWilmington, and Smithfield, NC. We’ve parked our food truck outside the field’s gates on game days, too, and as we move into communities outside of North Carolina, we plan on furthering our relationship with this amazing cause.

If you’d like to help build a miracle, why wait? The Miracle League of the TriangleJohnston County, and Wilmington all accept donations, as do leagues closer to your neck of the woods. As a company with giving at the heart of its culture, we’ll say this: it feels great to help out these amazing folks.