Thank You for Helping Us Help Them

We're in the midst of another fundraising drive for the Andy's Charitable Foundation, and this weekend, we wrapped up one of the biggest parts of the drive - our annual golf tournament. Thanks to the tournament and your generous donations, we plan this year on raising well over $100,000 for children’s causes.

And we can't thank you enough!

The Andy’s Charitable Foundation began in 2000 as an outgrowth of our commitment to community involvement. We knew that Andy’s (which is now, of course, called Hwy 55) was lucky to be in towns all over North Carolina, and we needed a way to focus our efforts to give back.

We began our charitable activities with a golf tournament in 2000. We raised money by selling $1 cards in each of our stores, and all of the $40,000 we raised went to the Make-­a-Wish Foundation. Over the next few years, we broadened our vision, becoming a preeminent sponsor of the Make­-a­-Wish Foundation in Eastern North Carolina, and in 2006, Kenny Moore—founder and president of Hwy 55—decided to establish a foundation to better serve a larger number of charities within the operational area of his company. To date, the Andy’s Foundation has raised $1.4 million for these causes.

Today, the Andy’s Foundation supports dozens of charities that support youth across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, and Tennessee. In addition to Make­-a-Wish, the Andy’s Foundation is a large sponsor of the Miracle League, which builds baseball fields for children with special needs. All of the money raised goes straight to the organizations we support.

This is all a long way of saying: thank you to anyone who has ever donated to our foundation or supported our charitable golf tournament. And we look forward to continuing to impact our communities in a positive way.