Our Story

The Beginning

We come from very humble beginnings. In 1991, after being fired from his previous job working in a burger restaurant, president and founder Kenney Moore wanted to take control of his destiny. He took his knowledge and passion for the food industry and opened a burger joint in Berkeley Mall in Goldsboro, NC. Named for his first-born son, Andy’s Cheesesteaks and Cheeseburgers was open for business. For the first couple of years Kenney cooked every single burger - always made-to-order - himself.

Stunted Growth

Knowing he needed to get his brand recognized, Kenney opened 4 locations, all in malls, very quickly. While confident in the food and the concept, he was losing money. Behind on his food bills to the tune of $40,000, Kenney reached a tipping point.

The Internal Conversation

One night driving home after another long day of working open-to-close with that $40,000 monkey clinging to his back, Kenney’s faith was waning. He was working hard. He was working with passion. But he was getting nowhere. Then it clicked. The turning point of our company, the catalyst for our success, the why. The next day Kenney got up, went to work, and Andy’s changed forever.

It’s Not About You

The internal conversation Kenney had that night in his Ford Pinto made him realize he was focused on himself, on his success. Not anymore. Kenney committed to serving others, on making them successful. A funny thing happened after that. The monkey disappeared. Andy’s was off and running.

The Andy’s Way

A friendly, sincere greeting. Delicious, never-frozen made-to-order burgers. Fast, friendly service. Smiles all around. This is what our guests have come to know and love over the years. Additionally, the Andy’s Charitable Foundation - our charitable arm - was founded in 2001 and has raised over $2 million for charities in the communities we inhabit. This is the Andy’s way.

Sweet Home, Carolina

Fully adopting a servant leadership management style, Andy’s began to in-house finance locations to former hourly-waged employees, giving them the chance to own their own business. And we grew - fast. By 2005, Andy’s opened up its 100th location, all in North Carolina.

Taking a New Road

With the growth and popularity of the Andy’s brand in North Carolina, we decided to spread our great food and culture outside of the state. After running into a trademark roadblock in other states, we had a tough choice. Keep the Andy’s name in North Carolina and change to something else outside the state, or change everywhere. The roadblock was cleared when we constructed Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries everywhere, for the iconic North Carolina road that sits along many of our restaurants. Hwy 55, with our Andy’s values still at heart, emerged.

Standing Alone

In late 2018 we made a big announcement. Beginning in 2019 Hwy 55 will step out of the comfort of strip centers and malls that we have been in for our entire existence and make way for a stand-alone building. This beautiful concept will combine our legendary full-service model inside while providing convenience and quality in a traditional drive-thru. From our humble beginnings, this blend of speed, service and great food will take us to the next level, where we will truly stand alone.