Hwy 55's New Year's resolutions

Hwy 55 president and founder Kenney Moore on the upcoming year:

The new year is coming. Fresh starts, new outlooks and ambitious goals abound. As we sit back and reflect on the past year, many of us will make New Year’s resolutions. Personal resolutions may include getting back in the gym (I’ll see you soon elliptical), quitting a bad habit or just being more positive.

We as a company are also excited for the new year and what lies ahead. While we try to be as good as we can in all situations, we are not perfect. Here are our 2019 resolutions.

Resolution number one: Be the restaurant you recommend to strangers.

We know we have great food. We know we have great service. In 2019 we will operate at a high level each and every day so the next time you get asked of a good place to eat, your response is instinctual.

Resolution number two. Make new friends.

We love our regulars - the faces we see multiple times a week because they love who we are. In 2019 we will connect with more guests, making new regulars, and maybe even lifelong friends.

Resolution number three: Live LYN every single day.

Our company is special because of the way our employees believe this simple philosophy. Every person who walks through our doors has something going on. The least we can do is give them a hot, delicious meal served with a smile. In 2019 we will love our neighbors, not just when they are in our store, but in all situations. Our employees will take our LYN message and spread it in their communities, schools, churches, and families. Whether they work with us for a month or a lifetime, we hope these values will be evident inside and outside of Hwy 55.

2019 is just around the corner. Here’s to working every day to turn our resolutions into habits. 2018, you’ve been real, but we can’t wait for next year.

Kenney Moore

Hwy 55 president and founder

P.S. Maisey, our official Office Pup, was exhausted from making high-level business decisions at the time this was written.