Hwy 55 Reveals Updated Logo

Today, we announce the introduction of our new Hwy 55 logo and updated brand colors. We loved our old logo, and you will still see it around in some forms as we transition, but we decided to refresh our brand’s most visible element. Here’s why:

Hwy 55 is in an exciting stage in our history. We are rapidly completing plans to open free-standing restaurants all over the country, a big change from the mostly strip centers we inhabit today. With this, we felt it was a perfect time to look at our brand and see if anything could be improved. The one constant that kept coming up from listening to our employees and guests is that they are still very much attached to the Andy’s — our original name — brand; in fact, many people still refer to our stores as Andy’s!

With this in mind, we saw an opportunity to better link the Hwy 55 and Andy’s brands. With our updated logos and colors, we pay homage to our past while diving headfirst into the future. The main font of our new logo is the same as the last iteration of our Andy’s Burgers, Shakes & Fries logo! Our new “Hwy 55 Red” is also a throwback to our past. Everything else about Hwy 55 that you know and love, namely our world-class food and service, will be staying the same.

Change for the sake of change is inefficient and unnecessary. We reflected hard on this decision and are very excited with where we are heading. We hope you love our brand updates as much as we do, and we will see you at your nearest Hwy 55 — serving up the same amazing burgers and smiles.