Hwy 55 Opens New Restaurant at Myrtle Beach's Coastal Grand Mall

Today, Myrtle Beach’s Coastal Grand Mall got its Next Favorite Burger Joint.

At 11 a.m., Hwy 55 opened its doors at the Coastal Grand Mall food court, bringing to the mall its trademark fresh, never-­frozen burgers, house­made frozen custard, and premium sliced cheesesteak. The store will be owned by local businessman Lance Denny and operated by Jim Baldwin, who brings 30 years of restaurant experience to the Hwy 55 brand.

Baldwin’s restaurant will strive to become an integral part of its community from day one: Jim will employ 20 Myrtle Beach residents, and he plans to hold routine fundraisers and other events to support local causes.

Said Hwy 55 president and founder Kenney Moore, “We’re thrilled to bring our one­-of-­a­-kind burger and famous hospitality to the Coastal Grand Mall.

“I can’t wait to see Jim’s restaurant in action.”

Hwy 55—a retro­-themed diner that features fresh, never­-frozen burgers, house­made frozen custard, and other classic favorites in a unique open­-kitchen setting—was founded in Goldsboro, North Carolina in 1991. Widely known in the state for its fresh food and service that exceeds expectations, the chain won BurgerBusiness.com’s “Best Burger” in 2012. It also was recently named a top 500 franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur magazine.

This will be the 115th location for the fast­-growing chain, and the 10th in South Carolina. Jim Baldwin has plans to open several Hwy 55’s in the area.

Kenney and Jim are all available to talk about Coastal Grand Mall’s new Hwy 55. Contact Hwy 55 Director of Communications Andy Moore at (919) 635­0902, ext. 125 or email andy@hwy55burgers.com.