Hwy 55 of Lugoff Receives Adorable Letter

At the Hwy 55 in Lugoff, SC, the staff wanted to do something special for the Christmas season. After putting their heads together, they devised a plan to encourage our younger guests to write letters to Santa. They even set up a mailbox in the store where they could mail them directly to the Noth Pole.

Soon, the letters came pouring in, and Santa even took the time to hand-write a response to each child that mailed a letter. Along with the response, Santa also put in a card that was good for one free milkshake from Hwy 55 (Santa’s favorite flavor is cookie dough).

One child, though, wanted a Hwy 55 shirt for Christmas. The Lugoff staff (coordinating with Santa of course) sent an official Pink Lady shirt to this child. While hoping the present arrived and fit, the staff could not be sure. That changed, however, when the child appeared a couple of months later and delivered a hand-written letter of her own.

Some of the highlights:

“That was a great Christmas present. I checked every day. When I saw that it was a big package I was like wow.”

“You even got the size right. I was freaking out when I forgot to put my size on the card.”

Small gestures, even a t-shirt, can mean the world to someone. In taking the time to truly embody the Christmas spirit, and our Love Your Neighbor culture, it looks like the Lugoff location has a Pink Lady for life.