Hwy 55 of Havelock Makes Donation to Coastal Women’s Shelter

Kristen Fulcher wanted to make a difference. As Assistant Operator of Hwy 55 in Havelock, she came up with a plan to do just that in her community.

If you have frequented a Hwy 55 location in the last several months, you may have noticed our push to collect donations for the Andy’s Charitable Foundation, our charitable arm that benefits children’s causes in the communities we inhabit. Bake-sales, “Pie the Owner,” and other creative events have helped us raise over $2 million to date for our causes. What Kristen and the Havelock team did, however, was not within the scope of our traditional giving season, and here’s why that is awesome:

The corporate office does not mandate the above examples of ways we raise money in our stores throughout the year. We do not plan and schedule these events; instead, they are solely devised by the individual franchisees and operators. They take it upon themselves to execute every year so we can give to those less fortunate. This shows you how pervasive our Love Your Neighbor culture is, from top to bottom, in this company.

Back to Kristen and the Havelock team, she had an idea to help the Coastal Women’s Shelter in New Bern, an organization that benefits victims of domestic violence and their families. And that idea spawned a plan: Advertising with printed and handmade posters, for six weeks they collected money and essential items. Additionally, they hand-delivered these donations to the Coastal Women’s Shelter. Along with contributions from generous Hwy 55 guests, Kristen also instilled the help of her mother, a member of the local couponing community, to locate and gather items. But this incredible Havelock team is not done yet. They will be collecting another round of donations to be delivered on December 23.

This entirely independent and self-run campaign is a testament not only to Kristen and the amazing Hwy 55 team in Havelock but also to this company’s culture. Nobody had to tell Kristen that this would be a cool thing to do; she just did it. And that is awesome.


If you would like to learn more about the Coastal Women’s Shelter, check out their website here. And stop by the Havelock Hwy 55 between now and December 23 to drop off any donations.