Hwy 55 Introduces New Crinkle-Cut Fries!

After 25 years of serving the best burgers and shakes in the world, Hwy 55 today turned its attention to its other brand staple: Fries.

As part of its silver anniversary, the highly-decorated and growing brand Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes & Fries is going golden-brown and switching to Crinkle Cut Fries, crispy gems made from top-sourced potatoes that taste great, stay crispier longer and are in line with the brand’s distinctive themes: nostalgic, retro and fun.

“Our business is listening to guests and we kept hearing our fries are good, but guests wanted something great,” said Hwy 55 president Kenney Moore, who also founded the brand and flipped every burger himself for the first two years. “This is much more than simply switching product. "It took an extraordinary effort including retraining our team members in order to give our guests what they asked for: crispy crinkle cuts, which we believe is the best fry money can buy.”

With 125 units and growing quickly, Hwy 55 boasts a fresh, All-American diner experience with fresh, never-frozen burgers, premium sliced cheesesteaks piled high on steamed hoagies, and frozen custard made in-house every day. With its open-grill design, the kitchen's dedication and care when hand-crafting meals is front and center.

Hwy 55 has not only resonated with the burger-loving public, the restaurant and franchising industries have taken notice as well. Hwy 55 won BurgerBusiness.com's "Best Burger" in 2012 and in 2014, Franchise Business Review named Hwy 55 one of the best restaurant franchises in the country. The brand also was recently named a top 500 franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur magazine and a "Next 20" restaurant brand by Nation's Restaurant News.