Hwy 55 in Elizabeth City Steps Up

ELIZABETH CITY, NC -- Today marks one month since the partial U.S. Government shutdown began. That’s one month of heartache for millions of Americans. One month of stretching budgets further and further, hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For members of the Coast Guard Air Station in Elizabeth City, the largest Coast Guard air station in the country, that’s one month without a paycheck.

Many of these service members have given up simple luxuries. Luxuries that those of us not directly affected by the shutdown have taken for granted, such as eating out for dinner.

Our Hwy 55 location in Elizabeth City decided they could do more than wish and hope this shutdown away. On Monday, January 21, Coast Guard members and their families were treated to a hot meal...for free. Over 400 service members and their families came out, ate some great food, and were granted a short reprieve from the uncertainty that has hounded them for a month.

In the words of Hwy 55 Elizabeth City owner Brandon Oats, “I think when the government steps down the American people should step up.”

Love Your Neighbor is not something we spout off for the sake of having a logo on our shirts and hats. It is rooted firmly in everything we do and everything we are.

As we continue to hope and wish an end to this shutdown and the trials it has brought so many, we will continue to step up and love our neighbors.