Introducing the Half-n-Half: Hwy 55 Guests Can Enjoy Onion Rings AND French Fries for $2.99

After years of being one of Hwy 55 Burger, Shakes & Fries worst-kept secrets, Half-n-Half, which features French FriesAND Onion Rings, is being put front and center for guests who clamor for both and will be value priced for $2.99 for a limited time.

The highly acclaimed burger joint decided to feature the guest favorite system-wide as part of the brand’s Own It initiative, in which guests submit ideas that appear as specials on the menu. Half-n-Half is served with four ounces of crinkle-cut French fries, four ounces of breaded onion rings and a cup of special dipping sauce in the middle.  Half-n-Half will be offered through the end of October.

Hwy 55 president Kenney Moore says that while it’s official for a limited time and at a special price, Hwy 55 guests have been ordering Half-n-Half for years as part of the brand’s under-publicized but highly popular and readily available Secret Menu (Sshhhh, don’t tell but see it here:

“Hwy 55’s business is listening to guests and choosing between our amazing French fries or onion rings has been a difficult decision since we opened our doors,” said Moore, who also founded the brand and flipped every burger himself for the first two years. “The Half-n-Half makes a great snack time meal from 2 to 5 p.m. and it’s a great replacement item for anyone who can’t decide between French fries and onion rings. With the Half-n-Half, we’re saying, ‘At Hwy 55, guests can have the best of both worlds.’”

Earlier this year and as part of its silver anniversary, Hwy 55 switched to Crinkle Cut Fries, crispy gems made from top-sourced potatoes that taste great, stay crispier longer and are in line with the brand’s distinctive themes: nostalgic, retro and fun.

With 127 units and growing quickly, Hwy 55 boasts a fresh, All-American diner experience with fresh, never-frozen burgers, premium sliced cheesesteaks piled high on steamed hoagies, and frozen custard made in-house every day. With its open-grill design, the kitchen’s dedication and care when hand-crafting meals is front and center.

Hwy 55 has not only resonated with the burger-loving public, the restaurant and franchising industries have taken notice as well. Hwy 55 won’s “Best Burger” in 2012 and in 2014, Franchise Business Review named Hwy 55 one of the best restaurant franchises in the country. The brand also was recently named a top 500 franchise in the United States by Entrepreneur magazine and a “Next 20” restaurant brand by Nation’s Restaurant News.

About HWY 55

Hwy 55, a retro-themed diner that features fresh, never-frozen hand-pattied burgers, house-made frozen custard, and other classic favorites in a unique open-kitchen setting, was founded in Goldsboro, North Carolina in 1991. Hwy 55 reflects founder Kenney Moore’s commitment to authentic hospitality and fresh food. Widely known in the state for its fresh food and service that exceeds expectations, the chain won’s “Best Burger” in 2012. It also was recently named a top 500 franchise in the United States byEntrepreneur magazine and a “Next 20” restaurant brand by Nation’s Restaurant News. HWY 55 currently has 127 locations in 10 states, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates. Like HWY 55 on at or follow us at  For more information, visit

Derek Farley
150PR for Hwy 55