How Do You Like the New Website?

You might have noticed some changes around here. Alongside our friends at COCG, we've updated our website. Welcome to the brand-new!

We have a new, easy-to-navigate menu page and a totally accurate map that will get you to your closest Hwy 55 fast. Everything is mobile-friendly, too, and designed to be usable on your smartphone or tablet.

But much like a frozen custard sundae without the sprinkles, we couldn't stop just there. We went to our Mt. Olive store and came back with amazing photos of our food—and we published them without hiring professional food stylists or Photoshoppers. We feel like our food should have nothing to hide.

Then we went to our restaurant in Raleigh's Crabtree Valley Mall to take pictures of our real-life guests. There are no actors in these pictures—these are our one-of-a-kind fans enjoying lunch at Hwy 55, and we're excited to make them stars. 

We're also giving our fans more opportunities than ever to connect with us socially. Links to our Hwy 55 Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages sit at the top of every page. And on the location pages, we’ve linked to our local Facebook pages.

Finally, we've built a site that will never be complete—this month, the home page highlights a secret menu of last year’s Own It customer creations, and this News section will be updated constantly with new store openings, upcoming events, and more. Questions or comments? Let us know.

And thanks, as always, for being our guest.