Highlighting Some Exceptional Hwy 55 Team Members

On Saturday, we all watched images of chaos and confusion at Crabtree Valley Mall, as it was reported that gunshots had been fired in the food court.

While shoppers fled to the exits, Hwy 55 operator Dane Gibson ran toward the confusion to close and lock the gate to the store. He then escorted his customers and staff out the back entrance, and, in the process, even had the presence of mind to cut the gas to the grills and fryers. Assistant operator Prenquetta Williams was also noted for staying incredibly calm under pressure while guiding customers to safety.

When the Hwy 55 team got outside the mall, Martina, Sabrea, and Kayla Williams assisted a pregnant woman who had been overcome by the events and the heat. They gave her support, water, and stayed with her until the EMS arrived.

Props to Crabtree Mall employees of @Hwy55Burgers who assisted a pregnant woman in the parking deck overcome during the evacuation.

— Tony Rice (@rtphokie) August 13, 2016

Today, we're all inspired by the amazing example of Love Your Neighbor that was exhibited by Dane, Prenquetta, Martina, Sabrea, Kayla and the rest of the team at Crabtree!