Connections Matter

There are a few things we hope that every single one of our guests has come to expect when they come to Hwy 55:

  1. The door held open for you (sometimes after a sprint from our employees that would make Usain Bolt smile).
  2. Genuine conversation.
  3. Being greeted when you arrive and wished well when you leave.

These expectations, with which we take immense pride in adhering to, are the reason we believe we are more than just a burger joint. Too many times nowadays (I know you’re envisioning a grumpy old man, but I swear I’m not that old) we are deprived of face-to-face connections. Our smartphones allow us to do everything from having a pizza delivered to our house to buying groceries for the week. You could legitimately go days without speaking to anyone and still accomplish everything you needed to.

Therein lies the issue. We need human interaction. Face-to-face connections improve our self-esteem. They boost our confidence. You know how good you instantly feel when you’re presented with an unexpected compliment? It is these interactions that are so very important, where we practice those dreaded “soft” skills that are indispensable in our lives.

So while I will not lambaste your use of modern technology to facilitate everyday tasks, I will encourage you to make a connection today.

Give a compliment. Ask about a family members’ day. See someone you haven’t seen in a while.

Connections matter.