Give to the Andy's Foundation

Starting today you will begin to notice our push to gather donations for the Andy’s Charitable Foundation.

You can give here:

Going forward over the next 90 days, we encourage you to ask your Hwy 55 staff members about these causes, and to help us in our efforts. 100% of money donated goes directly to our charities, with our biggest being Miracle League and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Andy’s Charitable Foundation is a tremendous source of pride for us, and it takes the generous donations of our guests to continue to make it a success. 

Our passion and drive to collect donations comes from the direct impact we see in the 40-plus local charities that the Andy’s Charitable Foundation supports. Last year alone the foundation raised $125,000, with a majority going to help children’s causes

For those that may not be aware, the Andy’s Charitable Foundation, named after our original restaurants, made its first donations in November of 2001, and has been going strong ever since. With $2 million dollars raised over the past 17 years, the Andy’s Charitable Foundation looks forward to continuing its mission: to impact our communities in a positive way.