20 Easy Ways You Can Help Serve Someone Today

Serving someone doesn't require a volunteer trip around the world or a huge investment of money or time. (It doesn't even mean you have to open a burger restaurant, like we did 24 years ago.) 

It can be simple yet amazingly fulfilling. Here are 20 easy ways to serve someone today.

1. Compliment someone.

2. Donate blood.

3. Forgive.

4. Ask questions.

5. Give an anonymous gift to someone who's struggling financially.

6. Bring breakfast to the office.

7. Tell someone they're your friend.

8. Do a chore you weren't asked to do.

9. Send a nice email, or better yet, call.

10. Teach a skill. 

11. Donate old clothes. 

12. Ask a new parent if you can babysit for a night (or just a few hours). 

13. Cheerlead someone else's idea.

14. Sign up for that charity run.

15. Put away your cell phone when in the middle of a conversation.

16. Stop to help carry a stranger's groceries.

17. Ask that friends and family make donations to your favorite charity on your birthday.

18. Pick up loose garbage.

19. Recycle.

20. Live with purpose.